Starfield Defender Update 1.0.5

While I’ve not gone on about every little update StarDef has had, 1.0.5 introduces a very important bugfix. There was a problem in the code which may have caused some players who flew too close to enemy ships to experience an error message that crashed the game. This error has been solved!

Other changes since the initial release (or perhaps more importantly, that 1.0.3 file that’s floating around the net) include:

  • SDK update to fix unresponsive action buttons
  • Brighter graphics
  • Improved Xperia Play support
  • Return-to-Homescreen crash fix
  • More distance between Space Rocks and Enemy Ships

I’ll also shortly be pushing out a quick update to 1.0.6. This update returns analog sensitivity to it’s pre-1.0.4 values, since that update seems to have caused some control difficulty for phones with thick cases or devices with 5″ screens.

I’m currently tackling a big update for 1.1.0 that will include revamped graphics, more menu options, and a slew of new features. In the mean time, I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to the over 300 people that have already given Starfield Defender a try.

As always, Starfield Defender can be found on the Google Play Store or right here on the Kouri Kustoms website.  I’m also working to have iOS support ready in time for the 1.1.0 update!

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