Starfield Defender 1.1.0 Update

The StarDef engine’s been overhauled for the new 1.1.0 Update! Improved Xperia Play support, new enemies, and enhanced gameplay!

Google-enabled Android users can download the latest update at the Play Store. Otherwise check it out on this website by visiting the Programs area. I’m working on bringing StarDef and more apps to new venues, so keep your eye out for news on new releases and platforms!

Release Notes after the jump!


  • Menu controls re-engineered to support Xperia Play gamepad
  • On-Screen Pause button added for Touch Screen Controls
    • Android BACK no longer pauses the game
  • Menu text re-positioned to accommodate variable languages
  • Spanish Localization
  • Space Rock Speed adjustments
    • Easy: Smaller Space Rocks have a 33% chance of increased speed
    • Medium: Smaller Space Rocks have a 50% chance of increased speed
    • Hard: Smaller Space Rocks have a 75% chance of increased speed
  • Added Homing Ship Enemy
    • Medium & Hard: 25% chance of spawning instead of a Hover ship
  • Enemy Ship Firing Rate increased on Hard
  • Targets destroyed by Player Ship collision now award points
  • Player Laser Bullet Lifespan increased 50%
  • Laser effects fade before vanishing
  • Android: App is now Ad Supported
  • HTML5: Fixed Main Menu glitches
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