Starfield Defender on the Amazon Appstore and 1.1.2 Update

Great news for Kindle Fire users (as well as any other non-Google devices running Android): Starfield Defender is now available on the Amazon Appstore!

StarDef’s also seen a couple of bugfix updates. 1.1.2 is currently live on Google Play and heading to Amazon, with Amazon running its own 1.1.1 fix. Release notes after the jump.

1.1.1 (Live on Amazon Appstore)

  • Ad positioning fix for devices with a landscape height over 480px.

1.1.2 (Live on Google Play Store; Coming soon to Amazon)

  • Fix: Enemy Firing Rate was not increased on Hard
  • Fix: Improper Homing Ship Projectile Speed
  • Fix: Enemy Ships now spawn off-screen as intended
  • High Scores now save on Game Over screen, rather than game exit
  • Billing Permission for upcoming In-App purchasing
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