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OMW Recon Progress: Weekend 2

Before it comes up: No, I don’t have any records of the first weekend of work.

In commemoration of the promotional relationship I’ve earned with Orange Mod Works, I’ve begun work replicating the Concept Artwork OMW published to their Facebook page.

OMW Recon Concept Art

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Starfield Defender 1.1.0 Update

The StarDef engine’s been overhauled for the new 1.1.0 Update! Improved Xperia Play support, new enemies, and enhanced gameplay!

Google-enabled Android users can download the latest update at the Play Store. Otherwise check it out on this website by visiting the Programs area. I’m working on bringing StarDef and more apps to new venues, so keep your eye out for news on new releases and platforms!

Release Notes after the jump!

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