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Convention Props!

Earlier this month, I swung by the Sun Coast CGA show to hang out with some of the local cosplay community. The week before was spent prepping a few swords to take with my, and the night before I threw together a (pretty bad) costume.

Buster Soldier Leafa Final Fantasy Sword Art Online

Completed Buster and SOLDIER swords, along with a mockup for a future project.

Aside from the already completed Kingdom Key, I brought along the Buster Sword and a quick-build SOLDIER Sword. The paint on the new pieces was rushed and needs reworking, but that didn’t stop folks at the con from posing for pics! Images after the break.

Prop Build Updates: 05/04/2014 – Blades galore!

There’s lots to catch up on! The Buster Sword is back in my possession, I’ve nearly wrapped up a Halo 4 Combat Knife, and I’m starting on a series of props based in the Kingdom Hearts franchise! Read up on blades of all shapes and sizes after the jump!

Kingdom Key Kit Before and After

Early Prototype of a Kingdom Key design I’m working on.

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Prop Gallery Updates 11-30-2013

The last couple of weeks have been busy! The OMW Recon and AC3 Hidden Blade were completed and their galleries added to the site. I just received delivery confirmation that the Recon arrived at Orange Mod Works HQ, so I’m looking forward to hearing from them on Monday.

With two of my biggest projects wrapped up, I’ve more time for the rest. Most of the Thanksgiving holiday was spent cleaning the Buster Sword sculpt before the next coat of paint. I’ve also been prepping designs for a number of other projects.

Is there anything you’d like to see? Sound off in the comments!