New Office, ModiBot BuildLab, and a Near-Complete OMW Recon

Howdy, Kustom enthusiasts!

First off, I need to apologize for the silence. February was spent hunting down new living quarters. March and April were spent furnishing the new office. Things finally settled down in May, and production picked up! Things’re moving forward steadily! Find out about the new ModiBot BuildLab and see the latest images of the OMW Recon after the jump!


ModiBot BuildLab

Before I get onto the OMW Recon, I wanted to cover an app I built for the guys behind the new Modibot toy line. Those of you familiar with the line probably found this site by a link posted by creator Wayne Losey. For those of you not familiar, it’s a line of build-your-own action figures perhaps best known for relying on 3D printing to meet its manufacturing needs.

Having fond memories of an old Stikfa figure I once owned (and Stikfa, funny enough, being a line Losey had previously worked on), I was instantly attracted to the possibilities created by designing your own Modibot figure – so much so that I spent weeks photo-editing screen grabs from the Modibot Shapeways Store to create my own custom bots. You can see my first two orders in the store here and here.

It's Hammer Time!

Customized Modibot Figures. Expect more in a future post.

My favorite part of the line is the option to have a kit custom-made and shipped directly to you. However, the every growing part library makes this difficult – especially without an available catalog of parts. Recently, that’s all changed! Here at Kouri Kustoms, you can find the ModiBot BuildLab, and interactive app that lets you design your very own ModiBot figure using many of the parts available in the line!

The BuildLab is still in its Alpha stage, but already you can build a bot with almost every body part available in the line. Future updates will bring Accessory parts and the ability to place an order for a physical copy of your custom ModiBot!


OMW Recon

I sneaked a bit of work on the OMW Recon over the past month-and-a-half, but this past week saw the majority of paint and body work wrap up. I don’t have an extensive write up today, but enjoy the latest snap shots of this work-in-progress.

OMW Recon Main Blaster Paint

Paint work on the main portion of the blaster is complete.

OMW Recon Internals

Here’s an internal shot, showing off the OMW Stage 1 & 2 metall components, as well as the battle-damaged clip.

OMW Recon Custom Grip Progress

Here’s the custom Grip installed in its current state. All sculpt work is complete. It still needs another primer coat to check for defects before paint.

Paint work on the grip may take a while, as I’m currently debating molding the grip and making casts available in the future. If you’re interested in in a custom grip, leave a comment below!

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