Prop Build Updates: 05/04/2014 – Blades galore!

There’s lots to catch up on! The Buster Sword is back in my possession, I’ve nearly wrapped up a Halo 4 Combat Knife, and I’m starting on a series of props based in the Kingdom Hearts franchise! Read up on blades of all shapes and sizes after the jump!

Kingdom Key Kit Before and After

Early Prototype of a Kingdom Key design I’m working on.

Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword

The Buster Sword’s blade has been hammered straight and any cracks welded shut. Currently getting some finer body work done to ensure a smooth paint job.

Buster Sword after a bit of bondo and lots of sanding

Buster Sword after a bit of bondo and lots of sanding

Halo 4 Combat Knife

This is a piece I’m knocking out for a friend of mine. Without access to the in-game model, I traced over some screenshots of the knife and filled in any missing details with bits I found on real-world knives. Constructed from a few layers of polystyrene and putty. I gave it a half coat of primer to make the defects stand out more. Just a bit of filler and it’ll be ready for paint.

Halo 4 Combat Knife Replica In-Progress

Halo 4 Combat Knife Replica In-Progress

Kingdom Hearts Keyblades

I’m starting up on a series of Kingdom Hearts-based props! I’m currently prototyping a Kingdom Key kit that may see public release. The Key that opened this post was made from an old revision of the part design. Until the kit’s ready, I’ll be posting a few Kingdom Keys built from leftover parts of the prototyping phase.

Keyblades In Progress

Kingdom Key, Ends of the Earth, and Wayward Wind in various states of completion

I don’t know how many Keyblades I’ll wind up building. Ends of the Earth is a piece I’m personally interested in, and Wayward Wind made for nice practice in layering material. I’ve gotten a lot of interest in Oblivion, so I might as well start on that design once I wrap up the ones already in progress.

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